Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roadmap Changes

I've made some decisions regarding the roadmap for the next few months:
  • The Intensity Engine has been made completely independent of Syntensity, and will continue that way. My original intention was that I would focus on Syntensity, and through that promote the Intensity Engine (the Intensity Engine being an open source project utilized by Syntensity), and later on get around to making the Intensity Engine more compelling as a separate project. But several people (for various reasons) have already expressed an interest in the Intensity Engine by itself, and I have also been hearing some very good arguments for completely open sourcing the Syntensity master server. Because of that, I've started to add to the Intensity Engine the functionality it needs to be usable without the Syntensity master server, namely, an example master server was committed a few days ago, and better documentation on running the various server components as well. Furthermore, improved master and asset servers should be appearing soon.
  • The Intensity Engine 1.0 release is still planned for later this summer. Bugfixing is progressing well, and no major features are planned at this point, just minor stuff. Recent decisions like including a master server as mentioned above should not be a cause of delay.
  • Syntensity will remain in 'closed' alpha, and later 'closed' beta. I say 'closed' with scare quotes, because the source code is open, and I'll give an invite to Syntensity to anyone that asks, so 'closed' here is kind of a silly term. But what I mean is that I won't make an effort to promote Syntensity, and probably not provide pre-built binaries either. The reason is that I think opening up to a wider audience should wait for better content, and it looks like getting that content will take less time than I originally thought, so why not wait.
  • The Syntensity public launch might be delayed somewhat. Basically I will delay it until I feel the content is good enough, probably not by very much, but there is no reason to have a rushed release.

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