Friday, May 15, 2009

Preliminary Screenshot

Here is a screenshot from the work-in-progress example game (click on for a larger version):

This is the view from the stairway into the fortress, with the main tower to the right. The character model is just a placeholder (it's from the Yo Frankie! game), the actual model isn't yet finished.

The game itself is starting to be functional: There are teleporters, a cannon that fires characters up into the fortress, and a complex particle effect shown when the top of the tower is occupied. (All of this is done in JavaScript, in quite readable code - which is really the whole point of the entire platform.) What remains to be done is weapon fire and some polishing of the map, and for the final character model to arrive, at which time the alpha will be officially launched. The game won't be fully complete at that time, but that's part of the purpose of the alpha - to playtest it with more people, and to create other games as well.

(Edit: Removed second screenshot; a nicer version of it will appear in the next blog post.)

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