Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plan for Next Release: Metallblech

gk has a great concept for the next game, which you can see here. That game will be part of a new release.

Help from community members would be great, and let us get to the release faster. Stuff we will need help with includes
  • Coding the new gk game linked to above. Mainly we will use existing scripts and customize them, but there will also be a few new things as well
  • Testing that game
  • Need to decide if to merge from the development branch for this release - if so, will require more testing time. Opinions?
  • Making binary builds for Linux, Windows, OS X
There is no timeline, it really depends on how much help we get. But it will be awesome when it arrives! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Development Update

After the recent changes, we have been working out how to move forward. This is what makes sense for now.

Regarding code branches:
  • The main github repo will remain as the stable branch. It will always be in sync with the running servers at, so if you want to connect to there, you should run that code.
  • quaker66 has been doing excellent work on his branch, which is now the official development ('unstable') branch. quaker66 has worked very hard to port all the recent features from sauer svn (lots of great stuff that eihrul has been doing there) as well as awesome new features like flashlights, better cutscene management, etc. You can see videos of that stuff on his YouTube channel. In addition, T7g and BiosElement have been doing very interesting work as well, some of which has already been merged into quaker66's branch. New stuff should likewise be added to that branch.
Regarding versioning: The current version is still 1.1.6. For a new release, we would merge from the development branch, bringing all the changes from there. To do so, we would need:
  • For the code to be stable and well-tested - after a reasonable code freeze. We might also want to wait for a short while after a new sauer release.
  • At least one new cool game, to showcase the latest features
  • To update the servers
  • To have binaries for people to download