Saturday, June 27, 2009

Autoturrets Video

This is done using the Projectiles.js library, which is now mature enough to be put in the standard library. Note that like all other libraries, it's entirely optional, and work on it cannot affect the stability of the engine or the core API (which is why it was added during feature freeze).

Some details:
  • The automatic turrets are controlled by the server, with projectiles managed on both server and clients for responsiveness
  • The turret model was kindly contributed by Gregor Koch under a creative commons license, and consists of a base that turns left and right and a barrel that turns up and down (the commands to render the separate parts are done by a script). Edit: For a closeup, see here.
  • Notice the reflections of the shots in the water
  • Music: The intro to "You Can Take The World" by Predator, from their album Sick Society

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