Friday, July 24, 2009

New Master Server in Progress

I'm writing a new master server which will replace both the Syntensity master server (which was hacked together a long time ago, as a proof of concept, and never open sourced) and the minimaster (which will remain useful for testing, standalone demos, etc.).

The new master is in /master_django. It's written, as the name indicates, using Django, and includes a script to run it on CherryPy, which makes deployment very easy (the Django dev server isn't suitable for production, which is why something like CherryPy is needed; of course, you can also use Apache/lighttpd/etc., but that requires some setting up).

The goals with the new master server are
  • Clean extensible codebase: Beyond the basic functionality, additional features will be implemented as plugins
  • Federation: Allow anyone to easily customize and run their own Intensity Engine master server
Note that the new master is orthogonal to the Intensity Engine 1.0 release - it's optional at this point, and the 1.0 release won't wait for it. What does depend on the new master is the public launch of Syntensity. In other words, the current status is:
  • The Intensity Engine 1.0 release depends on the existence of a few good maps/games
  • The public launch of Syntensity depends on the Intensity Engine 1.0 release and on completion of the new master server

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