Monday, August 10, 2009

Introducing Gregor

I'm very happy to announce that Gregor Koch has joined the Syntensity team. In the past he has worked at many game companies, including Crytek where he worked on the CryENGINE. You can see some of his recent work running on the Intensity Engine in the video below.

With Gregor in charge of art and design, we should have some very impressive game content for the Syntensity launch.


  1. That's great! He agreed to the CC-BY-SA3 terms too?

  2. Hi qubodup,

    Everything that's distributed with the Intensity Engine will be CC-BY-SA, but we haven't decided yet how to license all the additional content that will be downloaded (as part of Syntensity).

    Since the goal is for community members to contribute a lot of that additional content, it might be problematic to make it CC-BY-SA, because some people won't agree to release their content under that license. So we are considering alternatives.

  3. You'd better disable the character animation on "looking around". Strafe move(left/right) should be faster, current pace can apply to walking pace.