Monday, January 4, 2010

Help us name and test 'Swarm'

We're almost finished with 'Swarm', and we'd really appreciate some help with naming it, and playtesting. So, if you want to help, check it out here:

and here is a video:

'Swarm' isn't in the lobby world yet, since it isn't finished. To test it, you need to requisition a server. If you need help in doing that, there are usually people on IRC (#syntensity on FreeNode) that can assist you.

So, as already mentioned, at this point we are looking for a final name for this map ('Swarm' is just the codename). Feel free to suggest any and all names that you think make sense!

Also, the map is ready for playtesting - everything should basically work, except for the boss at the end, which works but wasn't tested much yet. So if you find a bug or have a suggestion for how to improve something, that would be great (we probably won't change anything major at this point, though - just minor stuff. Big changes will wait for after we release the stable version of the game).

Note that a recent build of the engine is necessary, preferably from source. Otherwise the visuals might not look as good as they should. We should have new builds available soon.

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