Thursday, November 25, 2010

Emscripten 0.6!

Demo: Lua. Thanks to rasjidw and puffnfresh!

Other major changes since the last release:
  • SAFE_HEAP checks for invalid reads/writes and nonportable LLVM bitcode. This is important as LLVM optimizations can lead to nonportable bitcode. We need to figure out which optimizations are at fault, so we can use the other optimizations - they should make us much faster.
  • Much more optimized compilation of very large projects - both in terms of memory and speed. I am now able to compile Sauerbraten without the JS engine giving up ;) - still a very long way from getting it to run, though.
See the Changelog file for additional updates.


  1. I tried with the Hello World (found on the net, since I don't know LUA) and I get this:

    /bin/this.program: ull):1084588.00000000000: standard null) file is closed
    stack traceback:
    null): in function 'null)'
    null):1.00000000000: in main chunk

  2. how can I use emscripten? Now I have downloaded some .c and .cpp files. I want to convert them in javascript.
    Isn't there a simple method to do this?

  3. @Lazza: Thanks, looks like there is some problem with the compiled code... I'm looking into it.

    @=Stex=: See the GettingStarted page on the wiki, and feel free to ask questions on IRC or the google group. Links to all of those are on the main project page,