Sunday, September 13, 2009

Intensity Engine 0.9.7

Another engine version, hopefully the last before the launch. Changes include:
  • Unreliable state variables (useful for rapid updates)
  • History-less state variables (useful for event messages)
  • JSON state variables
  • Upgrade to latest V8 trunk, which allows normal building on 64-bit systems (and should be faster)
  • Automatically comment out irrelevant logging code in scripts (very significant speed improvement, given the extensive logging code)
  • Much faster network protocol for asset info querying, when there are many relevant assets
  • Use .js scripts for models instead of sauer-style cfg files
  • Libraries for game modes (including CTF), guns/firing, health, etc.
  • Autogeneration of tedious parts of V8 bindings code, with new automatic validation tests
  • Script commands to combine images and decompress JPEG 2000 images
  • Various tools, for texture configs, image conversion, release packaging, etc.
  • Various bug fixes
No additional features are intended before the launch, just bug fixes. (The launch is still planned for the end of this month.)

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