Monday, May 30, 2011

Emscripten 1.2, Doom on the Web

Emscripten, the LLVM to JavaScript compiler, is now at version 1.2. The main updates in this release were to enable this demo of Doom on the Web - a playable version of the classic game Doom, compiled from C to JavaScript and rendering using Canvas.

The demo is known to work on Firefox and Safari. It works, but slowly, on Opera. I can't get it to run properly in Chrome due to a problem with V8. I have no idea if it runs on IE9, since I don't have a Windows machine, but since IE9 has a fast JS engine and supports canvas, it should (please let me know if you try it there). Edit: Here's a screencast of the demo running on Firefox Nightly if you can't run it yourself.

Highlights of Emscripten 1.2:
  • Many improvements to Emscripten's implementation of the SDL API in JavaScript, including support for color palettes (Doom uses a 256-color palette), input events (we translate normal web keyboard events into their SDL forms), and audio (for now, just using the Mozilla Audio Data API - it's the most straightforward API at this point. Patches are welcome for other ones).
  • Many improvements to the CHECK_* and CORRECT_* options, which are very important for generating optimized code using Emscripten. In particular, there is a new AUTO_OPTIMIZE option which will output a summary of which checks ran how any times, and how many of those checks failed, giving you a picture of which lines are important to be optimized, and which can be.
  • Some additional experimental work is ongoing about supporting OpenGL in WebGL. I don't know either OpenGL or WebGL very well, I'm learning as I go, and I'm not sure how feasible this project is. If you can help here, please do!
  • Various bug fixes. Thanks to all the people that submitted bug reports. In addition compiling Doom uncovered a few small bugs, for example we were not doing bit shifts on 64-bit integers properly.

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  1. Wow that's amazing! Great work! Will open up for lots of awesome retro games online (And new ones as well). Looking forward to more of this in the future!