Sunday, November 15, 2009

1.1 Release

Revision 1190 is tagged as version 1.1. Binaries for Windows and Ubuntu 9.10 are on the Syntensity Mod DB downloads page. I'll link to them from the main website's download page after a little more testing (if you test them yourself, please say how it went, here, on IRC, or in the forum - thanks!).

The new version has many changes, but most won't be noticeable until maps use the new features. The improvements include:
  • Enable maps to customize move, strafe and jump
  • Support for cutscenes
  • WoW-like mouse movement in Mouselook mode - cursor at borders will rotate the view
  • Allow client and server to (naively) share their home dirs, and do this by default when the server does not specify a home dir explicitly. This makes it much easier to set up a local server.
  • ZeroG module, allowing maps to have zero gravity, custom gravity effects, etc.
  • Vehicles module, to let entities move like simple vehicles (pitch based on floor, thrust for movement, etc.)
  • World.getSurfaceNormal, which allows doing bouncing physics entirely in scripts, + Grenade example
  • WorldSequences module - lets you track players progression through areas
  • WorldSignals module - lets you emit and listen for signals that are relevant to areas in space
  • New Steering module for bot movement control
  • Add absolute x,y to clientClick, allowing maps to have menus
  • Allow scripts on the server to intercept and handle text messages (e.g. can be used as a simple way to let people issue commands to the server, etc.)

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