Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Library 1.3

library/1_2 has been forked into library/1_3. The goal is to keep 1_2 as it is, so all the older games still work, while development moves on to 1_3 (which may include API changes, etc.). So, for new games, 1_3 should be used, especially if you will need new library features, as those will be added to library/1_3.

To migrate a map to 1_3, currently the following is necessary:
  • Remove the map asset dependency on library/1_2 and add one for library/1_3.

  • The map script should include the following line before any other Library.include commands:


  • Imports of 1_2 libraries should be changed as follows:


    should become

    Library.include('library/' + Global.LIBRARY_VERSION + '/Projectiles');

    (this way of doing things will help make future library migrations much easier).

After doing those, the map should work exactly as it did with library/1_2.

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