Thursday, November 12, 2009

Community Update

Since we launched Syntensity a month and a half ago, we posted on some online forums to let people know about this project, but we have been very low-key about it. The reason is that we are trying to do things gradually: Both with building the technology, and with spreading the word. The idea is to get feedback from people about Syntensity, and then to improve it, after which it makes sense to show it to more people, get even more feedback, and so forth.

This approach is appropriate for us, with our open source development model. It is very different from what people do with closed source development, which is usually to build something behind closed doors for a long time, and then release it in a big public launch, at which point they hope to get a large amount of users as fast as possible.

With that background, I'm happy to report that Syntensity has now reached over 500 registered accounts. So, even though we've been low-key about spreading the word, things are heating up. Another sign of increasing activity can be seen on our forum. This is therefore an appropriate time to make a 'Community Update' post on this blog, to take a look at a few of the neat things people in the Syntensity community have been doing. From time to time I'll make more of these posts.

Psycho v1.0 by Psychosilocybin is an interesting work-in-progress map with an attacker-defender gameplay: Only one team has an object to protect. That team gets points for keeping it safe, the other team gets points for stealing it. Accordingly, the map has an asymmetrical structure, unlike typical CTF maps (that are usually very symmetrical). Here are some screenshots:

Realm Arena is a mod of Map2 by adrix89, which adds some movement capabilities, like double tapping to move in order to 'dash' in that direction ('dash' means to move quickly for a brief time). I think it makes for very interesting gameplay, with much more control of your character.

(Note that currently this requires that you edit your autoexec.cfg, as the map says to do. This will not be necessary with the upcoming release, which makes customizing movement easier.)

(The two things mentioned in this blog post are by no means a complete list - I hope I am not offending anybody by leaving them out. These are just two things that happened to recently impress me.)

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