Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IRC Plugin + Integration

A server plugin for IRC has been written, and is now used in the main servers - the lobby and the three games it has portals to.

This basically integrates text chat in the game servers with #syntensity on FreeNode, so that:
  • All text messages sent in the game servers are shown on #syntensity
  • Messages sent to the server bots (syntensity0 to syntensity3) in #syntensity will relay the message to people on that game server
This should be useful in several ways. Perhaps mainly in that it lets people on a game server, that have questions, be heard on IRC. So we can give technical support very quickly from there.

The implementation was fairly simple: A plugin in Python that integrates python-irclib. We can probably write similar plugins for other instant messaging systems, if it makes sense.

Thanks to TheAncientGoat for the idea.

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