Sunday, November 8, 2009

4-Weapon CTF Update

The 4-Weapon CTF game, also known as 'Map 2', has been updated to Map 2.1. When you enter that game from the lobby you will be playing the new version.

The changes are mainly bugfixes and minor improvements, in response to feedback we've been getting. They include:
  • Headshot notifications are now shown to everyone, not just the shooter (so you will know if a headshot was done to you, or to anyone else).
  • The sound for scoring a point now always plays when points are scored (before it was done unreliably).
  • Fixed an annoying bug where fragged characters could, in some cases, change their animation and not look fragged (even though they were).
  • Rockets now do twice as much damage as before (making it possible to frag people with a single direct hit).

More updates and new games are coming soon.

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