Friday, October 30, 2009


Cutscenes are now possible:

Cutscenes can be written in scripts, so you can have different ones in each map.

See packages/library/1_2/Cutscenes.js for the code and some examples. This is in /trunk, and will be in the upcoming 1.0.3 release.


  1. I like where this engine is heading! I hope it will become a relatively popular platform.

  2. so, you can create large (5-15 seconds) ingame cinematics, including camera position changes simulating different planes?

  3. @roger:

    Yeah, you can completely control the camera (position, direction, orientation) for in-game movies, that can be however long you want (and can start in response to whatever triggers you define - like entering an area, etc.).

    You can also make things happen during the movies, like move players or change their animations, show particle effects, etc.

    - kripken