Thursday, October 22, 2009

1.0.2 Release

Revision 1082 is tagged as version 1.0.2. A new build for Windows and a .deb installer for Ubuntu 9.10 are on the download page.

This is a minor, recommended but non-mandatory update (which means you can continue to use the previous version - the network protocol has not changed, nor anything else that would be a problem for you). It includes the following:
  • 'connect to lobby...' option in the main menu, for directly connecting to a lobby world (which has portals to other ones)
  • Interactive tutorial example code (that is, a map which interactively teaches you the controls)
  • Better debug traces from JavaScript
  • Various improvements and additions to library 1.2 (Roles/Classes, WorldNotices, etc.)
  • Support for CherryPy 3.1+
  • Support for gcc 4.4+
  • A few minor bugfixes

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