Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easier to Run Your Own Server

Some improvements to server setup have just been committed, which make it much easier to run your own server. The improvements are already available if you are running the latest source code, otherwise, they will be in the 1.0.3 release.

The improvements are:
  • Interactive setup wizard, which you can run by adding --wizard to the commandline when you run the server,

    Linux: ./intensity_client.sh --wizard
    Windows: intensity_client.bat --wizard

    The wizard will ask some questions and create a settings.cfg for you.

  • You can now tell the server what activity to run in a much easier way. Simply paste the URL to the activity (which you can find on the activities page) into the settings.cfg file, specifically into [Activities] force_activity_id. The server will then autodiscover the activity and the map asset IDs for you. (You can still use an actual activity ID, for backwards compatibility.)
For more info, see the wiki page on running a local server.

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