Monday, October 5, 2009

Updates and Updating

We have a new Twitter account that we are starting to use for real-time updates, things like
  • New features notifications as they go live
  • Server status reports
Speaking of new features, I might as well take this opportunity to explain a little about how that works in Syntensity (and of course the Intensity Engine): We are able to add new features between releases, without people needing to download a new version of the client, since
  • The master server is a website, so adding things like the new map creation wizard is possible just like updating any website.
  • Game content is downloaded automatically using our asset system, which will get whatever content you need. And as game logic is written in JavaScript, this includes entire games, not just textures, models, etc. (but also those, of course).
Aside from the map creation wizard already mentioned, we have been working on adding new weapons, weapon recoil, and fixing some bugs with animation speeds and other minor things. Note that the default map you enter is still the original version of the gk1 map, so you won't see these things unless you specifically connect to a server running gk1_a.

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