Friday, October 2, 2009

Launch: Syntensity Open Beta, Intensity Engine 1.0

Today we are officially launching Syntensity's open beta, as well as releasing version 1.0 of the Intensity Engine. This brings to a close an intensive year of development, but is also just the beginning for this project.

Instructions for getting started with Syntensity can be found on the main page.

Syntensity's open beta launches with one complete game (the gk1 map, which is an insta ctf-type game that also has some automatic gun turrets). But Syntensity is really more of a platform for game creation, not one or two games that we created ourselves. This initial game is just to show what the engine can do, and also to be a basis people can work from (by modding gk1). We'll be making some more example games during the beta (to show more of the engine's capabilities - gk1 covers only a small part of that), but our main focus will be to help people use the engine to create the games they want.

Regarding the Intensity Engine (the open source project that comprises Syntensity's code), it is now at 1.0. It's basically feature-complete for our initial goals, and decently stable - enough for people to start using it, both for Syntensity and other projects. There are some bugs we are aware of, and testing will probably uncover more, but overall things are in fairly good shape. In the near future we will focus on fixing bugs and polish, later on, there are a lot of engine features on our roadmap.

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