Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two weeks after 1.0, we are now releasing 1.0.1, which adds several new features:
  • New example content: A new, bigger map, and new gameplay elements including homing missiles, rockets, a shotgun, headshots with the sniper gun, nicer jumppads, etc. (It was kind of our goal to see how much new stuff we could add in a short time, as a test of the API.)
  • Script API support for displaying HUD text and images
  • Various minor bugfixes and polish
You can see some of this in our new video:

or better yet, try it out yourself. Note that this is an engine update, so you need to download the latest build,

As always, if you haven't already signed up for Syntensity, you need to do so, which takes just a few seconds. See the links on the main page.

  • If you are copying the new version into an existing directory with the old version, you will NOT get the new keybindings (see next note). It is simplest to just unpack the new download into a new directory. (Or, you can delete syntensity/client/config.cfg, which will then be created from scratch the next time the client is run, and you will get the new keybindings and so forth.)
  • Change weapons with 1-4, or cycle by pressing the middle mouse button. H shows a little help.
  • The homing missiles can only be shot if you are locked on a target (another player). The lock remains for a short while after your crosshair is no longer over the target (a notification appears at the top of the HUD).
  • This is an early release, we will probably adjust the weapon strengths, ranges, etc., depending on feedback (we can push those updates between releases). So, let us know what you think needs changing.

P.S. I was very impressed by OpenShot, the open source video editor I used to make the video. Kudos to the OpenShot team for making a very useful program.

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