Saturday, October 3, 2009

Server Requisitioning Issues / Logs

People are already starting to requisition server instances, and sometimes there are problems, like if an asset or a script isn't set up correctly. That will cause the server instance to shut down, and an error log is uploaded to the master server - but we don't yet have a convenient interface for non-admin users to view it. So we are seeing the error logs arrive, but sadly they don't get to you yet.

We are working on improving this. In the meantime, if you requisition a server and don't see it start up, this might be the reason. You can do the following:
  • Ask an admin for your server logs, on IRC (#syntensity on FreeNode).
  • Run a local server instead of requisitioning a remote one. You will be able to see exactly what output it gives, which should help fix any problems with assets or scripts.
We apologize for this inconvenience. That's the nature of the early stages of an open beta - problems are found, and fixed. Bear with us :)

Edit: This issue has now been mostly resolved. You can view the last server log on your account page (you must be logged in), by clicking on "View last error log from requisitioned server." So, if you requisition a server and it doesn't appear in the list of servers, check the server log there for what caused the problem. A comment about this has also been added beside the 'requisition' button. We are evaluating ways to make this even easier.

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